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      Our industrial division specializes in providing turnkey electrical solutions for heavy industrial and manufacturing applications, as well as energy, transportation, and space.

      Commercial and Institutional
      Our commercial and institutional division provides electrical design, installation and maintenance services for a broad range of facilities. Typical structures include hospitals, schools, multi-unit residential, riverboat casinos, convention centers, and governmental buildings.

      Facilities Management
      Our facilities management division will keep both high voltage and low voltage electrical systems operating at peak efficiency. In addition, we can assist you in identifying cost-saving opportunities through the use of new technologies, including sustainable energy management, energy-saving lighting, motors and system controls and instrumentation.

      Our technology division provides advanced solutions for voice/data network infrastructure networks, telecommunications, audio/video distribution, security systems, fire alarm systems, life safety systems and more. 

      Our residential division is at the forefront of the current housing industry and offers leading builders, general contractors, and individuals a reliable source for top quality electrical construction services. This division also serves churches, country clubs, assisted living facilities, etc.

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