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      Electrical Services


      Hyre Electric is a full-service commercial electrical company. As local electrical contractors, we provide design/build, design/assist, value engineering, project management, electrical construction and maintenance, and commissioning/startup services for a wide range of industrial, commercial, institutional, sports/entertainment, and other clients.

      During our over 100 years of industry experience, we have built a solid reputation for providing expert, high-quality electrical construction services and on-time project delivery. Our goal is always to offer sound, practical solutions that enable continuous operations, increased cost control, and greater profitability to you, our customer.

      Whether you need new construction, retrofit, or tenant finish, our fully licensed electricians can install a wide range of distribution, life-safety, security, and other systems. And when you want service, we offer customized planned preventive maintenance programs designed to eliminate downtime and ensure consistent peak performance operation.

      Put it all together and you have the complete expertise and skills required to give you the power to succeed.

      Our services include:

      • Building plant and lighting

      • CATV, CCTV, and card access systems

      • Complete OSP/Aerial Copper and fiber optic design and installation

      • Explosion-proof systems

      • Fire alarm system design and installation

      • Grounding and cathodic protection systems

      • High and low voltage switchgear

      • Instrumentation

      • Large conduit—overhead and underground

      • Paging, nurse call, and audio/visual systems

      • SCADA

      • Emergency systems/UPS/generators

      • And more!

      Contact us today to learn how we can meet all of your electrical service needs.

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